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Basically, we can modify/drop events in-flight with the help of Apache Flume. It has the capability. So, this process takes place with the help of interceptors in Flume.
Moreover, they are the classes that implement org.apache.flume.interceptor.Interceptor interface. Also, can modify or even drop events based on any criteria chosen by the developer of the interceptor.

In addition, Apache Flume supports chaining of interceptors. It is only possible through by specifying the list of interceptor builder class names in the configuration. Although, in the source configuration Flume interceptors are specified as a whitespace separated list.

However, the order in which they are invoked, is the order in which the interceptors are specified. They are named components. So let’s see an example of how we create Flume Interceptors through configuration:
For example,
a1.sources = r1
a1.sinks = k1
a1.channels = c1
a1.sources.r1.interceptors = i1 i2

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