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Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type induction. Kotlin is intended to interoperate completely with Java, and the JVM form of Kotlin's standard library relies upon the Java Class Library, yet type interference permits its grammar to be more brief. Kotlin fundamentally focuses on the JVM, yet additionally compiles to JavaScript (e.g., for frontend web applications utilizing React native) or local(native) code by means of LLVM (e.g., for local iOS applications offering business rationale to Kotlin for Android apps).fix kotlin unresolved reference If you still see the unresolved reference error after fixing the problem, try to build your Android application with Command + F9 for Mac or Control + F9 for Windows and Linux.Language development costs are borne by JetBrains, while the Kotlin Foundation protects the Kotlin trademark.
What is dependency injection in Kotlin? Dependency injection (DI) is a technique widely used in programming and well suited to Android app development.Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (Kotlin KMM) is an SDK designed to simplify the development of cross-platform mobile applications. Kotlin vesion is updated that is 1.6 .Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is an SDK for iOS and Android app development. It offers all the combined benefits of creating cross-platform and native apps.Reflection is a set of language and library features that allows you to introspect the structure of your program at runtime.Kotlin 1.6.0 introduces Stable conversions from regular to suspending functional types. kotlin tutorial android:

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