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Lession - #484 Advanced Excel Charts – Band Chart

Suppose you've got data across a fundamental quantity to represent graphically, confiding every data point to a defined interval. for instance, you may have to present customer survey results of a product from different regions. Band chart is appropriate for this purpose.

What is Band Chart?
A Band chart could be a Line chart with additional shaded areas to display the upper and lower boundaries of the outlined data ranges. The shaded areas are the Bands.

Band chart is also brought up as vary chart, high-low Line chart or passageway chart.

Advantages of Band Charts
Band chart is used within the following scenarios-
• Monitoring a metric at intervals commonplace defined bands.
• Profit you look after every of the regions (represented by Line chart>
and bands with defined intervals within the vary 1/3 - 100%.
• Performance measurements of an employee or company responses to client’s complaints.
• Monitoring Service Tickets- Responded service tickets as line and therefore the outturn time as bands.

Preparation of data
You need to prepare the data which will be wont to produce a Band chart from the given input file.

Step 1: take into account the subsequent data that you just have from the customer survey for 2 regions – East and West across the year Apr - March.

Suppose you would like to match this data across 3 intervals-
• Low (80%>

Step 2: Add 3 columns to the on top of table .
As you'll observe, the values within the column Low are 500th, denoting the band 1/3 - 500th and therefore the values within the column Medium area unit half-hour, denoting the information measure of Medium on top of the band Low. equally the values within the column High area unit 2 hundredth, denoting the band breadth of High on top of the band Low.
Use this knowledge to form a Band chart.

Creating a Band Chart
Follow the steps given below to form a Band chart -
Step 1: choose the information within the on top of table.
Step 2: Insert a jazz band chart.
Step 3: Click on amendment Chart kind. amendment the chart sorts for the information series as follows-

• Line with Markers for East series and West series.

• Stacked Column for the series - Low, Medium and High.

Step 4: Click one in every of the Columns.
Step 5: amendment Gap breadth to 1/3 within the Format knowledge Series pane.

You will get Bands rather than Columns.
Step 6: create the chart appealing-
• Add Chart Title.
• Adjust Vertical Axis vary.
• Change the colours of the bands to Green-Yellow-Red.
• Add knowledge Labels to bands.
The result's a Band chart with outlined boundaries pictured by bands. The survey results area unit delineate across the bands. One will quickly and clearly fathom from the chart whether or not the survey results area unit satisfactory or they have attention.

Your Band chart is prepared.