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Lession - #829 Artificial Intelligence IMAGE RECOGNICATION APP


humans can easily distinguish places, objects, and people from images, but computers traditionally face a tough time comprehending these images. Thanks to the new image recognition technology, now we have specialized software and applications that can decipher visual information. We often use the terms “Computer vision” and “Image recognition” interchangeably, however, there is a slight difference between these two terms. Instructing computers to understand and interpret visual information, and take actions based on these insights is known as computer vision. Computer vision is a broad field that uses deep learning to perform tasks such as image processing, image classification, object detection, object segmentation, image colorization, image reconstruction, and image synthesis. On the other hand, image recognition is a subfield of computer vision that interprets images to assist the decision-making process. Image recognition is the final stage of image processing which is one of the most important computer vision tasks. Image recognition without Artificial Intelligence (AI>
seems paradoxical. An efficacious AI image recognition software not only decodes images, but it also has a predictive ability. Software and applications that are trained for interpreting images are smart enough to identify places, people, handwriting, objects, and actions in the images or videos. The essence of artificial intelligence is to employ an abundance of data to make informed decisions. Image recognition is a vital element of artificial intelligence that is getting prevalent with every passing day. According to a report published by Zion Market Research, it is expected that the image recognition market will reach 39.87 billion US dollars by 2025. In this article, our primary focus will be on how artificial intelligence is used for image recognition.

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