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Lession - #806 Benefits of AI Technique

Benefits of AI Techniques in real world

In the actual world, the knowledge has some unwanted properties as follows.

  • Its volume is huge, next to unimaginable.
  • It is not well-organized & properly-formatted.
  • It keeps altering constantly.

    AI Technique is a way to organize and use the information efficiently in such a way that

  • It need to be perceivable through the human beings who provide it.
  • It should be easily modifiable to correct errors.
  • It need to be beneficial in many situations even though it is incomplete or inaccurate.
  • AI techniques increase the speed of execution of the complicated program it is equipped with.
  • Artificial intelligence is used to decrease or avoid the repetitive task. For instance, AI can repeat a task continuously, without fatigue.
  • Artificial intelligence improves an existing products functionalities.

    What Artificial Intelligence can do?
    Artificial intelligence is the capacity of a machine to show human-like abilities like thinking, getting the hang of, arranging and imagination.

    Earlier to the age of machine learning, core products were built upon hard-code rule. Commercial Enterprises brought artificial intelligence in use to enhance the functionality of the product instead designing new products from scratch.You can assume of a Facebook image. A few years ago, you had to tag your buddies manually. Nowadays, with the assist of AI, Facebook offers you a friend’s recommendation.

    Artificial Intelligence Disadvantages

  • High Costs.
  • No creativity.
  • Increase in Unemployment.
  • Make Humans Lazy.

    Artificial Intelligence good or bad.