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Lession - #1004 AWS Cloud Regions

Introduction AWS Regions

AWS has Data Centers all over the world.

Selecting a Region

There are different reasons to choose a specific region.

Those reasons could be:

  • Data regulations
  • Customer proximity
  • Service availability
  • Pricing

Government Regulations and Data Governance

Some countries do not allow sensitive data to be processed and stored abroad.

Your company might require that all company data shall reside in the country.

Customer Proximity

Selecting a region near your customers can help to make the services faster.

For example:

Imagine that your company is based in Seattle and your customers in Norway.

You might want to consider having the infrastructure in a Data Center near you.

Simultaneously, have the applications running in a Data Center near your customers in Norway.

Using sites near your customers results in faster content delivery, giving them a better experience.

Region Availability Services

All AWS Data Centers do not support all services and features.

AWS makes new services all the time.

Making services available requires AWS to build infrastructure in the Data Centers.

As a result, the services might not have come to a Data Center near you yet.

You can select a region to access specific services.


There are many factors in how the prices are set.

For example, the prices might vary from region to region.

You will learn more about pricing in a later chapter.