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Lession - #898 AWS EC2 Instance Type

General Purpose Instance

The General Purpose Instance balances computing, memory, and networking resources.
It fits many purposes. Such as:
Application servers
Gaming servers
Backend servers for companies
Small and medium databases
The General Purpose Instances are best when there is a balance between the resources.

Compute Optimized Instances

The Compute Optimized Instances are best there is a need for high compute.
This type is also good for application servers, gaming servers, and web applications.
The main difference is that this type is ideal for high-performance and compute-intensive needs.

Memory Optimized Instances

This type can deliver large dataset workloads fast.
Memory is a temporary storage area.
It loads from storage, holds the data, and processes it before the computer can run it.
The processing allows for a preloading process and gives the CPU direct access to the computer program.
The Memory Optimized Instances are best when huge amounts of data need to be preloaded before running the app.

Accelerated Computing Instances

This type use hardware accelerators.
The accelerators boost the data processing.
The Accelerated Computing Instances are best for graphics applications and streaming.

Storage Optimized Instances

This type is best when you have large datasets on local storage.
Some examples:
  • Large file systems
  • Data warehouses
  • Online transaction systems
  • The Storage Optimized Instances are designed to deliver many inputs as fast as possible.