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Lession - #1008 AWS Edge Locations

Introduction Edge Locations

Edge Location is the Data Center used to deliver content fast to your users.

It is the site that is nearest your users.

Fast Delivery

The AWS Edge Locations uses a service called CloudFront.

CloudFront is used to store cached copies of your content.

Resulting in fast delivery of your content.

What is Cache?

Caching helps the software to deliver content faster and cheaper.

Cache is fast storage that copies and stores parts of data.

The data is stored in hardware that can deliver content fast, for example, RAM (Random-access memory>

The main job of the cache is to deliver content fast.

The data is saved in the fast hardware layer so that it does not have to use the slow storage hardware.

How Cache Works

The cache saves subsets of the data, making it available.

Once someone requests the data, it is copied and stored at the Edge Location.

When the next person requests the same data, it will be delivered faster from the nearest Edge Location.