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Lession - #961 AWS Lambda

Serverless Cloud Compute - AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda a serverless compute service.

This service lets you run rode without needing to think about servers.

It lets you focus on what's most important, such as making a great application.

You only pay for the compute time that you use.

Pay for what you use translates to that you only pay when your code is running.

How AWS Lambda Works

The high-level steps to understand the concept:

  1. Deploy your code to Lambda
  2. Make the code ready to trigger an event
  3. The code only runs when triggered
  4. Pay only when your code is running

What is AWS Lambda?

Serverless computing helps abstract the infrastructure in the cloud.

As a result, it reduces costs and can help to increase innovation.

AWS Lambda can be used to:

  • Build and deploy apps
  • Monitor and maintain apps