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Lession - #846 Ansible Pip

Ansible pip module is utilized when you want to oversee Python libraries on the far off servers. There are two essentials assuming that you want to involve every one of the elements in this module. 1 - The pip bundle ought to be introduced on the distant server already.

What is pip tool?

Pip tool are a bunch of outsider order line instruments intended to assist with Python 3 reliance the executives by staying up with the latest, in any event, when you have them stuck. You can introduce it by running the following command: python - m pip introduce pip-tools.

There are two requirements in the event that you want to involve all of the features in the pip module.

  • The pip package should to as of now be introduced on the distant server.
  • Virtualenv package should to be introduced on the far off server as of now assuming that you want to deal with the bundles in the python virtual environment.

    Installing a Pip Module

    To install new python library, you want to set the name of the bundle against the "name" parameter. by default, the "state" boundary is "present", the module will attempt to install the library.