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Lession - #819 Ansible Tower

Ansible Tower (previously 'AWX'>
is a web based solution that makes Ansible much more simple to use for IT groups, everything being equal. It's intended to be the center(hub>
for all of your automation tasks.

Ansible Tower is Ansible at a enterprise level. It is an electronic answer for dealing with your association with an extremely simple UI that gives a dashboard state rundowns of the multitude of hosts, permits fast organizations, and screens all configurations.

Why is Ansible tower utilized?

Ansible Tower permits you to control access to who can get to what, in any event, permitting sharing of SSH certifications without somebody having the option to move those qualifications. Stock can be graphically overseen or matched up with a wide variety of cloud sources.

What are the features of Ansible Tower?

Ansible Tower main features
  • Visual Dashboard.
  • Graphical Inventory the board.
  • RBAC.
  • Work planning.
  • Work history report.
  • Remote command execution.
  • Centralized logging.