Big Data - Apache Camel

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Lession - #427 Apache camel Features

Here are probably the main highlights of Camel that you would track down helpful in creating Camel applications −

Camel upholds pluggable information arrangements and type converters for such message changes, so new configurations and converters can be included future. As of now, it upholds a few well known organizations and converters; to give some examples - CSV, EDI, JAXB, JSON, XmlBeans, XStream, Flatpack, Zip.

Camel supports pluggable languages to compose predicates in DSL. A portion of the upheld dialects incorporate JavaScript, Groovy, Python, PHP, Ruby, SQL, XPath, XQuery.

Camel supports the POJO model so you can connect Javabeans at different places.

Camel facilitates testing of such huge circulated and nonconcurrent frameworks by utilizing messaging.

Light-weight Open Source.

Simple Configuration.

Directing and Mediation Engine.

Payload-freethinker router.

A domain specific language (DSL>
and POJO Model.

Enterprise integration patterns (EIPs>