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Lession - #435 Apache camel using spring

How would I use Apache Camel in spring boot?

Apache Camel sends a Spring Boot Starter module that permits you to foster Spring Boot applications utilizing starters. There is an example application in the source code moreover. Then, at that point, these courses will be begun consequently. You can customize the Camel application in the application.

Starters are the Apache Camel modules that are planned to be utilized in Spring Boot applications. There is a camel-xxx-starter module for every Camel part (with a couple of exemptions recorded in the Section 6.3, "Rundown of the Camel parts that don't have starter modules" area>

Starters meet the accompanying necessities:

  • Permit auto-design of the part by utilizing the local Spring Boot setup framework which is viable with IDE tooling.
  • Permit auto-setup of information arrangements and dialects.
  • Oversee transitive logging conditions to incorporate with the Spring Boot logging framework.
  • Incorporate extra conditions and adjust transitive conditions to limit the work of making a functioning Spring Boot application.
  • Every starter has its own incorporation test in tests/camel-itest-spring-boot, that checks the similarity with the current arrival of Spring Boot.


    Apache Camel provides a starter module that allows you to quickly get started developing Spring Boot applications.


    Add the following dependency to your Spring Boot pom.xml file:

    Add the classes with your Camel routes as shown in the snippet below. Once these routes are added to the class path the routes are started automatically.

    package com.example;

    import org.apache.camel.builder.RouteBuilder;
    import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;
    public class MyRoute extends RouteBuilder {
        public void configure(>
    throws Exception { from("timer:foo">
    ; } }

    apache camel vs spring integration


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