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Lession - #449 Kafka Features

List of most significant Apache Kafka features:

1. Versatility

Apache Kafka can deal with versatility in every one of the four aspects, for example occasion makers, occasion processors, occasion purchasers and occasion connectors. All in all, Kafka scales effectively without personal time.

2. High-Volume

Kafka can work with the gigantic volume of information streams, without any problem.

3. Information Transformations

Kafka offers arrangement for determining new information streams utilizing the information streams from makers.

4. Adaptation to non-critical failure

The Kafka bunch can deal with disappointments with the experts and data sets.

5. Dependability

Since Kafka is disseminated, divided, imitated and shortcoming lenient, it is entirely Reliable.

6. Toughness

It is tough since Kafka utilizes Distributed submit log, that implies messages perseveres on circle as quick as could really be expected.

7. Execution

For both distributing and buying in messages, Kafka has high throughput. Regardless of whether numerous TB of messages is put away, it keeps up with stable execution.

8. Zero Downtime

Kafka is exceptionally quick and ensures zero personal time and zero information misfortune.

9. Extensibility

There are as numerous ways by which applications can connect and utilize Kafka. Also, offers ways by which to compose new connectors on a case by case basis.

10. Replication

By utilizing ingest pipelines, it can duplicate the occasions.Replication Factor in Kafka is basically the multiple copies of data over the multiple brokers.

What is Azure equivalent of Kafka?
Event Hubs provides an endpoint compatible with the Apache Kafka® producer and consumer APIs that can be used by most existing Apache Kafka client applications as an alternative to running your own Apache Kafka cluster. Event Hubs supports Apache Kafka's producer and consumer APIs clients at version 1.0 and above.

What is the contrast among Kafka and Kubernetes? Kafka runs as a group of merchants, and these representatives can be sent across a Kubernetes framework and made to arrive on various laborers across isolated shortcoming areas. Kubernetes naturally recuperates cases when hubs or holders fizzle, so it can do this for your agents as well.

Kafka microservices
A Kafka-centric microservice architecture uses an application setup where microservices communicate with each other using Kafka as an intermediary.