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Lession - #453 Kafka Installation


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    Installation steps

    1.To install Kafka on Windows, visit the official page of Apache Kafka and click on the “Download Kafka” button and download for windows latest version of kafka.

    2.Make another folder named "data" inside the Kafka organizer. Inside the Data envelope, make two separate organizers named "Kafka" and "Zookeeper." Subsequent to making separate organizers for Kafka and Zookeeper, you need to roll out certain improvements in the setup records for highlighting the recently made envelopes.

    For that, at first copy the file path of the Zookeeper organizer made inside the data folder.

    From the config folder present inside the removed Kafka files, open the "Zookeeper.properties" document with any word processor applications like Notepad or Notepad++. In the opened record, supplant your "datadir" area with the duplicated Zookeeper envelope way, as displayed in the above picture. Ensure you change the way with sending slices rather than in reverse cuts. At last, save the record to refresh the progressions made to the document arrangements.

    Subsequent to designing the Zookeeper properties, you should arrange the Kafka Server properties. For that, duplicate the record way of the Kafka Folder made inside the information organizer.

    Open the server.properties record from the "Config" organizer present inside the separated Kafka documents.

    In the server.properties record, supplant the "logs.dirs" area with the replicated Kafka envelope way as displayed in the above picture. Ensure you change the way with forward cuts rather than in reverse cuts. Supplant the retrogressive slices with forward slices in the document way and save the record.

    Presently, you have rolled out the essential improvements and designs to the Kafka documents and are prepared to set up and begin Kafka on your PC.

    3.Run Zookeeper and Kafka separately from the command prompt window.

    Starting Zookeeper

    Open the command prompt and navigate to the D:Kafka path. Now, type the below command.

    zookeeper-server-start.bat ....configzookeeper.properties

    Starting Kafka

    Open another command prompt window and type the below command.

    kafka-server-start.bat ....configserver.properties

    This completes the installation process.

    What is Kafka Docker?
    Using Docker container networking, a Apache Kafka server running inside a container can easily be accessed by your application containers.

    Can Kafka run on Kubernetes?
    Kafka runs as a cluster of brokers that can be deployed across the Kubernetes system on different nodes.

    Can Kafka work without ZooKeeper?
    -- However, you can install and run Kafka without Zookeeper. In this case, instead of storing all the metadata inside Zookeeper, all the Kafka configuration data will be stored as a separate partition within Kafka itself.