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Lession - #749 Apache Oozie Extension

Action Extensions

We've seen hive extensions. Similarly, Oozie provides more action extensions few of them are as below −

Email Action

The email action allows sending emails in Oozie from a workflow application. An email action must provide to addresses, cc addresses( optional>
, a subject and a body. Multiple recipients of an email can be provided as comma separated addresses.

All the values specified in the email action can be parameterized( templated>
using EL expressions.


Shell Action

The shell action runs a Shell command. The workflow job will stay until the Shell command completes before continuing to the next action.

To run the Shell job, you have to configure the shell action with the = job- tracker = , name- node and Shell exec elements as well as the necessary arguments and configuration. A shell action can be configured to create or delete HDFS directories before starting the Shell job.

The shell launcher configuration can be specified with a file, using the job- xml element, and inline, using the configuration elements.


How to run any shell script? Similarly, we can have many more actions like ssh, sqoop, java action, etc.