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Lession - #743 Apache Oozie Features

Features of Apache Oozie

  1. Client API, as well as a command- line interface, is present in Oozie that can be used for launching, controlling, and monitoring a job from the Java application.

  2. Using Web Service APIs, jobs can be controlled from anywhere.

  3. The execution of jobs, which are scheduled for running periodically, is possible with Oozie.

  4. Email notifications can be sent after the completion of jobs

  5. Having a client API and command line interface which can be used to launch, control and monitor jobs from Java applications.

  6. Using its Web Service APIs one can control jobs from anywhere.

  7. Having provisions to execute jobs which are scheduled to run periodically.

  8. Oozie is scalable and reliable to monitor jobs in the Hadoop cluster.

  9. Oozie supports various jobs in the Hadoop ecosystem-like MapReduce, Pig, Hive, streaming and also Java based applications.

  10. Oozie has an extensible architecture which supports grid programming paradigms.