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Lession - #1552 SVN Installation

#### SVN Installation on Windows To collaborate on the project which is using SVN, we've to install the SVN client. The subversion is an Apache product.  So, to complete the installation of SVN, we've to install the SVN server and SVN customer. Let's see how to install the SVN garçon for the windows.    #### Installation of VisualSVN Server on windows The visual server has completed nearly 3M downloads. It's the most favorable way for setting up and maintaining the Apache Subversion server on the Windows platform.  VisualSVN Server is easy to install because it's distributed under a single package installer. It contains all the needed factors for the rearmost version. It's easy to run the setup and configure the SVN server on our machine; it's just a many step processes.  VisualSVN Server is free and open- source for commercial use under the Community license. This type of license doesn't need any registration. It allows an unlimited number of depositories and up to 15 users.    #### Installation of the VisualSVN Server. To install the VisualSVN server, download the installer package. To download the VisualSVN server, visit the official VisualSVN Server. Click on the download option on the upper right corner of the official page. Under this option, we will find the windows configuration option for 32bit and 64 bit. Click on our required platform. It'll start downloading the installer file. Run the installer file. It'll prompt the installing option. Click Next to continue. Now, it'll ask us for the End- User LICENSE Agreement. Accept the terms and conditions by ticking on the given box and click next to continue. As the coming step, it'll ask us to select the components we'd like to install. Select the Visual SVN Server and Administration tools and also click on Next to continue. Now, we're about to complete the installation process. In this step, we've to select the locations for the system files and depositories. Browse our favorite locations and click on Next to continue the installation. The next step is the Authentication Mode. Select the Use Subversion authentication and click on the Next to continue. Then we've completed all the needed way for installing the VisualSVN. Click on the install option to install it on our machine. Then we've successfully installed the SVN server. Now, we will install the SVN client for communicating with the SVN server. We'll install the tortoise SVN for client- side communication. ```plaintext