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Lession - #1338 AWS Lambda

Amazon Web Service Lambda

What is Lambda in AWS?
AWS Lambda is a serverless register administration that runs your code in light of occasions and naturally deals with the fundamental figure assets for you. These occasions might remember changes for state or an update, for example, a client putting a thing in a shopping basket on an internet business site.

When would it be a good idea for me to utilize Lambda AWS?
Utilize a Lambda when you want to get to a few administrations or do custom handling. As information courses through administrations, you use Lambdas to run custom code on that information stream. This is helpful in a Kinesis Pipeline that is getting information from things like IoT gadgets.

What is AWS Lambda versus EC2?
Lambda is ideally suited for occasion driven programming, while EC2 is ideal when you really want a more fitted answer for fit your necessities. EC2 will give you a genuine OS to work with, like Linux or Windows, while Lambda will just carry out a role as a help.