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Lession - #980 Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

Protect your applications and information at the front door with Azure personality and access the executives arrangements. Guard against noxious login endeavors and defend certifications with risk-based admittance controls, personality security apparatuses and solid validation choices without disturbing usefulness.

Azure role-based access control An entrance control include intended to permit clients to get to just the assets they are expected to get to in light of their jobs inside the association.
Azure Active Directory A cloud-based confirmation vault that upholds a multi-inhabitant, cloud-based registry and various character the board administrations inside Azure.
Azure Active Directory B2C An identity management service that enables control over how customers sign-up, sign-in, and manage their profiles when using Azure-based applications.
Azure Active Directory B2C A identity the executives administration that empowers command over how clients join, sign-in, and deal with their profiles while utilizing Azure-based applications.
Azure Active Directory Domain Services A cloud-based and oversaw rendition of Active Directory Domain Services.
Azure AD Multi-Factor Authentication A security arrangement that utilizes a few unique types of validation and check prior to permitting admittance to got data.