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Lession - #35 C++ Data Types

While composing program in any language, you really want to utilize different variables to store different information. Variables are only saved memory areas to store values. This implies that when you make a variable you save some space in memory.

You might get a kick out of the chance to store information of different data types like character, wide character, number, floating point, double floating point, boolean and so on. In light of the data type of a variable, the operating system assigns memory and concludes what can be put away in the held memory.

Primitive Built-in Types

C++ offers the programmer a rich combination of built-in as well as client characterized data types. Following table records down seven fundamental C++ data types −

Type Keyword
Boolean bool
Character char
Integer int
Floating point float
Double floating point double
Valueless void
Wide character wchar_t


Several of the basic types can be modified using one or more of these type modifiers −


  • signed
  • unsigned
  • short
  • long






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