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Lession - #42 C++ Loop Types

There might be a circumstance, when you really want to execute a square of code a few number of times. As a general rule, statements are executed successively: The principal statement in a function is executed first, trailed continuously, etc.

Programming dialects give different control structures that take into account more confounded execution ways.

A loop statement permits us to execute an statement or gathering of statements on numerous occasions and following is the general from of a loop statement in the greater part of the programming languages −


Sr.No Loop Type and Description
1 while circle
Rehashes an statement or gathering of statements while a given condition is valid. It tests the condition prior to executing the loop body.
2 for loop
Execute a grouping of statements on various occasions and contracts the code that deals with the loop variable.
3 do...while loop
Like 'some time' statement, then again, actually it tests the condition toward the finish of the loop body.
4 nested loops
You can utilize at least one loop inside any another 'while', 'for' or 'do..while' loop .






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