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CSS is a style sheet language used for descriping the presentation of a markup language pages such as html pages.
CSS is used to control style of web documents or pages in a easy and simple way.

Why CSS?

  • -CSS is widely used style language.If one has to develop website or web document he should learn CSS which makes the person helps in systematic and stylish web designing.
  • -To begin a carrer as an expert website specialist, HTML and CSS designing is an absolute necessity expertise.
  • -CSS handles the look and feel of a site page. Utilizing CSS, you can handle the shade of the text, text styles, the dividing between passages, how sections are estimated and spread out, what foundation pictures or tones are utilized, format designs,variations in show for various gadgets and screen sizes just as an assortment of different impacts.
  • -CSS saves a lot of work and time. It can handle the design of various pages at the same time.

Why CSS is important?

You can design Website without CSS by using HTML or PHP however its like Building a home with next to no Colors on divider and with next to no plan on rooms . In HTML you configuration design of your site and when you make structure with CSS you give feeling of alluring for you site.

Let's see an example of CSS

<!DOCTYPE html>

      <title>HTML Colors by Name</title>
   <body text = "blue" bgcolor = "green">
      <p>Use of CSS </p>
      <h2 style="color: green;">Welcome <h2>
      <p style="color: brown; font-size: 30px; font-style: italic;">This is a great website to learn technologies in very simple way.</p>


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