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CSS3 is employed with html to form and format content structure. it's responsible for colors, font properties, text alignments, background images, graphics, tables, etc. It provides the positioning of various components with the values being mounted, absolute, and relative.

Difference between CSS and CSS3

1 CSS is capable of positioning texts and objects.
On the other hand, CSS3 is capable of making the net page a lot of attractive and takes less time to create.
CSS3 is backward compatible with CSS.

2 Responsive designing isn't supported in CSS .
CSS3 is that the latest version, hence it supports responsive style.

3 CSS can't be split into modules.
Whereas CSS3 may be breakdown into modules.

4 Using CSS, we cannot build 3D animation and transformation.
but in CSS3 we can perform all kinds of animation and transformations because it supports animation and 3D transformations.

5 CSS is extremely slow as compared to CSS3
Whereas CSS3 is faster than CSS.

6 In CSS we've got set of standard colours and it uses basic color schemes only.
Whereas CSS3 incorporates a good collection of HSL RGBA, HSLA, and gradient colours.

7 In CSS we can only use single text blocks.
however in CSS3 we are able to use multi-column text blocks

8 CSS doesn't support media queries.
however CSS3 supports media queries

9 CSS codes don't seem to be supported by all sorts of recent browsers.
Being the most recent version, CSS3 codes area unit supported by all fashionable browsers.

10 In CSS, designers have to manually develop rounded gradients and corners.
however CSS3 provides advanced codes for setting rounded gradients and corners

11 There is no special effect like shadowing text, text animation, etc. in CSS.
The animation was coded in jQuery and JavaScript. CSS3 has many advance features like text shadows, visual effects, and a wide vary of font designs and colours.

12 In CSS, the user will add background colours to list things and lists, set images for the list things, etc.
Whereas CSS3 list has a special show property defined in it. Even list things also have counter reset properties.

13 CSS was developed in 1996. CSS3 is that the latest version of CSS and was released in 2005.

14 CSS is memory intensive.
CSS3 memory consumption is low as compared to CSS.