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Lession - #574 Cyber Security Types of Attackers

Four types of attackers

  1. Cyber criminals
  2. Hackivists
  3. State sponsed attackers
  4. Insider Threats

Cyber criminals

Cybercriminals are individual or group who use technology to commit cybercrime fully intent on taking delicate organization data or individual information and producing benefits. In the present, they are the most unmistakable and most dynamic kind of aggressor.


Hacktivists are people or group of programmers who complete noxious movement to advance a political plan, strict conviction, or social philosophy. As indicated by Dan Lohrmann, boss security official for Security Mentor, a public safety preparing firm that works with states said "Hacktivism is a computerized noncompliance. It's hacking for a purpose." Hacktivists dislike cybercriminals who hack PC organizations to take information for the money. They are people or gatherings of programmers who cooperate and view themselves as battling injustice.

State sponsed attackers

State-supported attackers have specific goals lined up with either the political, business or military interests of their nation of beginning. These sort of aggressors are not in a rush. The public authority associations have profoundly gifted programmers and spend significant time in distinguishing weaknesses and it are fixed to take advantage of these before the openings. It is extremely difficult to overcome these aggressors because of the immense assets available to them.

Insider Threats

The insider threat is a threat to an association's security or information that comes from the inside. These sort of dangers are generally happened from representatives or previous workers, however may likewise emerge from outsiders, including project workers, impermanent specialists, employees or customers.