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Lession - #1503 DevOps Automation

The premise of “ automate everything ” permeates the DevOps practice. Since utmost of the tasks that compose the DevOps lifecycle are repeatable, they ’re ripe for automation. In DevOps, automation starts from code generation on the developer’s original machine and continues until the code is deployed, and even after during the monitoring phase.

There are numerous kinds of automation processes in software development, including IT robotization, robotic process automation( RPA>
, AI automation, machine learning, and deep learning. They can each be leveraged in the DevOps processes.

Automation simplifies the DevOps practice and makes the processes faster and more effective, enabling developers and operations teams to build, test, deploy, and maintain code in less time with no mistakes than manual practices would. Automation helps companies build continuous integration( CI>
, continuous delivery( CD>
, and continuous deployment( CI/ CD>

How Automation Enhances DevOps

Automation is crucial if you want to achieve your DevOps objectives of delivering high quality and value through frequent and fast releases. Let’s see some of the benefits of DevOps automation.

Automating software enables you to configure and improve your processes even after you ’ve changed pieces of your tech stack. DevOps automation tools and process automation give you greater operational efficiency and flexibility in terms of both scope and functionality. Plus, automating your pipeline is faster and more cost-effective than training someone to keep track of everything.

Consistent testing enables DevOps engineers to spot bugs faster. Automation makes it possible for you to identify errors and correct behaviors throughout the deployment process. In a highly automated environment, results are always consistent and predictable, thanks to the DevOps toolchain.

Automated processes give you the capability to scale up as your business grows whereas with manual processes, your capacity is limited by the number of trained staff in your company. DevOps automation provides automated, cloud- based tools that grant unrestricted scalability to meet your company’s requirements.