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Lession - #1501 DevOps Workflow

DevOps Workflow

DevOps workflow provides a visual overview of the sequence in which input is provided. Also, it tells about which one action is performed, and output is generated for an operations process.

DevOps workflow allows the ability to separate and arrange the jobs which are top requested by the users. Also, it gives the capability to mirror their ideal process in the configuration jobs.

DevOps Principles

The main principles of DevOps are Continuous delivery, automation, and fast reaction to the feedback.

End to End Responsibility DevOps team need to give performance support until they come the end of life. It enhances the responsibility and the quality of the products engineered.

Continuous Improvement DevOps culture focuses on continuous improvement to minimize waste. It continuously speeds up the growth of products or services offered.

Automate Everything Automation is an essential principle of the DevOps process. This is for software development and also for the entire infrastructure landscape.

Custom Centric Action DevOps team must take client- centric for that they should continuously invest in products and services.

Monitor and test everything The DevOps team needs to have robust monitoring and testing procedures.

Work as one team In the DevOps culture role of the designers, developers, and testers are already defined. All they needed to do is work as one team with complete collaboration.

These principles are achieved through several DevOps practices, which include frequent deployments, QA automation, continuous delivery, validating ideas as early as possible, and in- team collaboration.