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Lession - #1152 GITHub Edit Code

Edit Code in GitHub
Let's try to edit the README.md enter GitHub. simply click the edit button:

Add some changes to the code, and so commit the changes. For now, we are going to "Commit on to the master branch".

Remember to add a description for the commit:

GitHub Commit Changes

That is however you edit code directly in GitHub!

Editing files in another user's repository
When you edit a go in another user's repository, we'll automatically fork the repository and open a pull request for you.

In another user's repository, browse to the folder that contains the file you wish to edit. Click the name of the file you wish to edit.

Above the file content, click . At this time, GitHub forks the repository for you.

Make any changes you would like to the file.

New content in file

Above the new content, click Preview changes.

File preview button

At all-time low of the page, type a short, significant commit message that describes the change you made to the file. you'll attribute the commit to more than one author within the commit message. For more information, see "Creating a commit with multiple co-authors." Commit message for your modification

If you have more than one email address related to your account on GitHub.com, click the e-mail address drop-down menu and choose the e-mail address to use because the git author email address. solely verified email addresses seem in this drop-down menu. If you enabled email address privacy, then @users.noreply.github.com is the default commit author email address. For more info, see "Setting your commit email address."

Choose commit email addresses

Click Propose file modification.

Commit Changes button

Type a title and description for your pull request.

Pull Request description page

Click create pull request.