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Lession - #733 Bar gauge

Bar gauge

The bar check works on your information by lessening each field to a solitary worth. You pick how Grafana computes the decrease.

This board can show at least one bar checks relying upon the number of series, lines, or sections your question returns.

Value options

Utilize the accompanying choices to refine how your perception shows the worth:


Pick how Grafana shows your information.


Show a determined worth in light of all columns.

Calculation - Select a minimizer work that Grafana will use to diminish many fields to a solitary worth. For a rundown of accessible estimations, allude to Calculation types. Fields - Select the fields show in the board.

All values

Show a different detail for each line. In the event that you select this choice, you can likewise restrict the quantity of columns to show.

Limit - The greatest number of lines to show. Default is 5,000. Fields - Select the fields show in the board. Bar measure choices Change how the bar measure is shown.


Pick a stacking heading.

Auto - Grafana chooses its thought process is the best direction. Level - Bars stretch evenly, left to right. Vertical - Bars stretch upward, base to top.

Display mode

Pick a presentation mode.

Inclination - Threshold levels characterize a slope. Retro LCD - The check is parted into little cells that are lit or dark. Essential - Single variety in view of the matching edge. Show unfilled region Select this to deliver the unfilled area of the bars as dim dark. Not pertinent to Retro LCD show mode.

Min width

Limit the base width of the bar segment in the upward heading.

Consequently show x-pivot scrollbar when there is a lot of information.

Min level

Limit the base level of the bar column in the even course.

Naturally show y-hub scrollbar when there is a lot of information.

grafana github

grafana github

grafana zabbix

Grafana-Zabbix is a module for Grafana permitting to imagine checking information from Zabbix and make dashboards for dissecting measurements and realtime observing. Principal objectives of this venture are broaden Zabbix capacities for checking information representation and give speedy and strong method for making dashboards.