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Lession - #729 Dashboard Versioning

Dashboard Versioning

At the point when you save a rendition of your dashboard, a duplicate of that variant is saved so past forms of your dashboard are rarely lost. A rundown of these renditions is accessible by entering the dashboard settings and afterward choosing "Forms" in the left side menu.

Comparing two dashboard versions

To analyze two dashboard adaptations, select the two variants from the rundown that you wish to think about. Once chose, the "Look at forms" button will become interactive. Click the button to see the diff between the two variants.

After tapping the button, you'll be brought to the diff view. Of course, you'll see a literary synopsis of the changes, as in the picture underneath.

To see the diff of the crude JSON that addresses your dashboard, you can do that also by tapping the "View JSON Diff" button at the base.

To reestablish to the form you are diffing against, you can do as such by tapping the "Reestablish to form " button in the upper right.

Restoring to a previously saved dashboard version

On the off chance that you really want to reestablish to a formerly saved dashboard rendition, you can do as such by either tapping the "Reestablish" button on the right of a column in the dashboard variant rundown, or by tapping the "Reestablish to form " button showing up in the diff view. Tapping the button will raise the accompanying popup provoking you to affirm the rebuilding.