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Lession - #732 Gauge Panel

Gauge Panel

Gauge is a solitary worth representation that can rehash a measure for each series, section or column.

Value options

Utilize the accompanying choices to refine how your perception shows the worth:


Pick how Grafana shows your information.


Show a determined worth in view of all lines.

Calculation- Select a minimizer work that Grafana will use to diminish many fields to a solitary worth. For a rundown of accessible computations, allude to Calculation types. Fields - Select the fields show in the board.

All values

Show a different detail for each line. On the off chance that you select this choice, you can likewise restrict the quantity of columns to show.

Limit - The greatest number of lines to show. Default is 5,000. Fields - Select the fields show in the board.


Change how the check is shown.

Show edge names - Controls assuming limit values are shown. Show edge markers - Controls on the off chance that a limit band is displayed external the internal measure esteem band.

Text size

Change the extents of the check text.

Title - Enter a numeric incentive for the measure title size. Value - Enter a numeric incentive for the check esteem size.