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Lession - #731 Stat Panel

Stat Panel

The Stat panel perception shows a one huge detail esteem with a discretionary diagram sparkline. You have some control over the foundation or worth variety utilizing edges. Naturally, the Stat board shows one of the accompanying:

  • Simply the incentive for a solitary series or field.
  • Both the worth and name for various series or fields.

Automatic layout adjustment

The panel consequently changes the format contingent upon accessible width and level in the dashboard. It consequently conceals the chart (sparkline>
assuming the board turns out to be excessively little.

Value options

Utilize the accompanying choices to refine how your representation shows the worth:


Pick how Grafana shows your information.


Show a determined worth in light of all lines.

  • Calculation - Select a minimizer work that Grafana will use to decrease many fields to a solitary worth. For a rundown of accessible computations, allude to Calculation types.
  • Fields - Select the fields show in the board.

All qualities Show a different detail for each line. In the event that you select this choice, you can likewise restrict the quantity of columns to show.

Limit - The most extreme number of lines to show. Default is 5,000. Fields - Select the fields show in the board. Detail styles Style your representation. Direction Pick a stacking bearing.

Auto - Grafana chooses its thought process is the best direction. Flat - Bars stretch on a level plane, left to right. Vertical - Bars stretch upward, through and through.

Text mode

You can utilize the Text mode choice to control what text the board renders. In the event that the worth isn't significant, just the name and variety is, then, at that point, change the Text mode to Name. The worth will in any case be utilized to decide variety and is shown in a tooltip.

Auto - If the information contains different series or fields, show both name and worth.
Esteem - Show just worth, won't ever name. Name is shown in the float tooltip all things considered.
Worth and name - Always show worth and name.
Name - Show name rather than esteem. Esteem is shown in the drift tooltip.
None - Show nothing (unfilled>
. Name and worth are shown in the float tooltip.

Color mode

Select a variety mode.

Esteem - Colors just the worth and chart region. Foundation - Colors the foundation also.

Diagram mode

Select a diagram and splarkline mode.

None - Hides the diagram and just shows the worth. Region - Shows the region chart beneath the worth. This expects that your inquiry returns a period segment.

Text arrangement

Pick an arrangement mode.

Auto - If just a solitary worth is shown (no rehash>
, then, at that point, the worth is focused. In the event that different series or columns are shown, the worth is left-adjusted. Focus - Stat esteem is focused.

Text size

Change the spans of the measure text.

Title - Enter a numeric incentive for the measure title size. Esteem - Enter a numeric incentive for the measure esteem size.