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Lession - #893 HBase Security


We can grant and revoke authorizations to clients in HBase. There are three commans for security reason: grant, revoke, and user_permission.
The grant order grant specific right like read, write, execute, and administrator on a table to a specific client. The grammar of award order is as per the following:

We can grant zero honors to a client from the arrangement of RWXCA, where

R - addresses read honor.
W - addresses compose honor.
X - addresses execute honor.
C - addresses make honor.
A - addresses administrator honor.

Given underneath is a model that allows all honors to a client named 'Tutorialspoint'.

The revoke order is utilized to revoke the user access freedoms of a table. Its language structure is as per the following:

The following code revoke every one of the consents from the client named 'Tutorialspoint'.


This order is utilized to list every one of the authorizations for a specific table. The language structure of user_permission is as per the following:

The following code records all the client authorizations of 'emp' table.