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Lession - #859 HBase Shell


This part clarifies how for start HBase interactive shell that shows up with HBase.

HBase Shell

HBase contains a shell utilizing which you can speak with HBase. HBase utilizes the Hadoop File System to store its information. It will have an master server and area servers. The data storage will be as areas (tables>
. These areas will be separated and put away in district/region servers.

The master server deals with these district servers and this all taska occur on HDFS. Given underneath/below are a portion of the orders supported by HBase Shell.

General Commands
  • status - Provides the status with HBase, for example, the number of servers.
  • version - Provides the variant of HBase being utilized.
  • table_help - Provides help for table-reference orders.
  • whoami - Provides data about the client.

Data Definition Language
  • These are the commands that work on the tables in HBase.
  • create - Creates a table.
  • list - Lists every one of the tables in HBase.
  • disable - Disables a table.
  • is_disabled - Verifies whether a table is handicapped.
  • enable - Enables a table.
  • is_enabled - Verifies whether a table is enabled.
  • describe - Provides the description of a table.
  • alter - Alters a table.
  • exists - Verifies whether a table exists.
  • drop - Drops a table from HBase.
  • drop_all - Drops the tables matching the 'regex' provided in the order.
  • Java Admin API - Prior to all the above orders, Java gives an Admin API to accomplish DDL functionalities through programming. Under org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client bundle, HBaseAdmin and HTableDescriptor are the two significant classes in this bundle that give DDL functionalities.

  • Data Manipulation Language
    • put - Puts a cell esteem at a predetermined section in a predefined column in a specific table.
    • get - Fetches the substance of column or a cell.
    • delete - Deletes a cell value in a table.
    • deleteall - Deletes every one of the cells in a given column.
    • scan - Scans and returns the table information.
    • count - Counts and returns the number of lines in a table.
    • truncate - Disables, drops, and reproduces a predetermined table.
    • Java client API - Prior to all the above orders, Java gives a client API to accomplish DML functionalities, CRUD (Create Retrieve Update Delete>
      tasks and more through programming, under org.apache.hadoop.hbase.client bundle. HTable Put and Get are the significant classes in this bundle.