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Lession - #762 Hdfs Name Node Automatic Failover

How would you do a NameNode failover?

For the Standby Namenode to keep its state synchronized with the Active Namenode, the two hubs speak with a gathering of independent daemons called JournalNodes (JNs>
. At the point when any namespace change is performed by the Active hub, it solidly logs a record of the alteration to a greater part of these JNs.

Hadoop Automatic Failover ensures Hadoop HDFS NameNode High Availability. It automatically triggers the failover from active Namenode to the standby NameNode. The default implementation uses ZooKeeper to achieve Automatic Failover.

The two new components are deployed to Hadoop HDFS for implementing Automatic Failover. These two components are-
  • ZooKeeper quorum
  • ZKFailoverController process(ZKFC>