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Lession - #204 Javascript Opearators

An oparator is used for controlling a specific value or operand. Javascript and Opearators are utilized to perform specific numerical and logical calculations on operands. All in all, we can say that an operator works on operands. In JavaScript operators are utilized for compare values, perform arithmetic operations and so on.

There are different operators supported by JavaScript:

  • Arithmetic operator
  • Comparison operator
  • Logical operator
  • Assignment operator
  • Ternary operator
  • typeof operator

    Arithmetic operator

    These oparator is used perform some arithmetic opeartions like addition,multiplication,subraction, etc.

    Comparison operator

    Comparison operators are utilized in logical expressions to decide their equality or differences in variables or values.

    Logical operators

    Logical operators are utilized to decide the logic between variables or values.includes javascript or operator,javascript and operator,javascript xor operator.

    Assignment operator

    A assignment operator is the operator used to assign another value to a variable, property, event or indexer component.

    javascript Ternary operator

    A ternary operator assesses a condition and executes a block of code based on the condition. The ternary operator assesses the test condition. In the event that the condition is valid , expression1 is executed. If the condition is false , expression2 is executed.

    typeof operator

    The typeof operator is utilized to get the data type (returns a string>
    of its operand. The operand can be either a literal or an data structure like a variable, a function, or an object. The operator returns the data type. javascript void operator retuens nothing.