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Lession - #1227 Jenkins Matrix Projects

The Jenkins multi- configuration project, otherwise called the Jenkins Matrix project, isn't frequently utilized in the design of a continuous intregration system. However, when the need emerges to run a few comparable positions in view of a variable boundary or two, a Jenkins multi-configuration project can be an incredible time saver.

What is matrix based security in Jenkins?

The DriveTrain Jenkins utilizes Matrix-based security authorization by default. It permits you to concede explicit permissions to users and groups. Incorporates all clients validated through the DriveTrain OpenLDAP server. ... This group has no permissions configured by default.

What is configuration matrix?

Configuration matrices are utilized in the advancement of items for the documentation of secluded item structures. They address a visual device for overseeing arrangement information changes, so one might say that setup information changes simultaneously with the effect of item advancement on existing items.

A Jenkins agent is an executable, dwelling on a hub, that is entrusted by the regulator to run a task.

Jenkins Groovy is an exceptionally strong language which offers the capacity to do for all intents and purposes anything Java can do including: Create sub-processes and execute inconsistent orders on the Jenkins regulator and specialists.

jenkins declarative pipeline:Pipeline adds a strong arrangement of mechanization instruments onto Jenkins, supporting use cases that range from basic consistent coordination to complete nonstop conveyance pipelines.
jenkins helmchart:Conveying Bitnami applications as Helm Charts is the most straightforward method for beginning with our applications on Kubernetes.

DSL represents Domain Specific Language. You can depict your positions in Jenkins utilizing a Groovy Based Language.

Jenkins offers a basic method for setting up a continuous integration and persistent conveyance climate for practically any mix of dialects and source code stores.

The greatest distinction between Bamboo versus Jenkins is that Jenkins is Open Source - and that implies it's free.Jenkins' coordination with Jira and Bitbucket is restricted and the cycle requires extra parts in the setup which requires some investment and work. With Bamboo, fundamental arrangement choices are as of now inherent.

jenkins vs ansible
Yes – Ansible tower is the UI dashboard for Ansible,Yes – It is a web dashboard.Configuration management, application deployment, and infrastructure automation Automation of Build and Release process and Orchestration of pipelines.
jenkins vs github actions:
Jenkins Command:create-job,create-node,create-view,add-job-to-view,delete-view.
jenkins nexus:Nexus Platform Plugin for Jenkins is a Jenkins 2. x module that coordinates by means of Jenkins Pipeline or Project ventures with Sonatype Nexus Repository Manager and Sonatype Nexus IQ Server.