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Lession - #1237 Jenkins Plugins

How do Jenkins plugins work?

Jenkins plugins permit you to stretch out the Jenkins construct framework to do nearly anything. ... Jenkins plugins work by creating or extending an extension point, which guides into a particular piece of the build process.

list of the top 10 must-have Jenkins plugins

  • Docker Plugin for Jenkins
  • Jira Plugin
  • Slack Notification Plugin
  • Maven Plugin
  • Amazon EC2 Plugin
  • JUnit Plugin
  • Pipeline Plugin
  • Mailer Plugin
  • Green Balls Plugin


    The most straightforward method for downloading Jenkins is to download the WAR document. You can drop the downloaded Jenkins WAR record (there are additionally a wide assortment of Linux packages accessible and a Windows installer>
    into your cherished JEE holder (Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish and so forth>
    or you can begin the WAR document straightforwardly with java - container jenkins.war.

    Now that it is ready for running, you can begin configuring jobs and installing plugins. It will use an folder in your $HOME to endure the design and store the real positions. No database, no special installation, no special registration.

    Below is the Jenkin Docker Image:

    Jenkins tool:Jenkins is an open source nonstop joining/consistent conveyance and sending (CI/CD>
    computerization programming DevOps tool written in the Java programming language. It is utilized to carry out CI/CD work processes, called pipelines.

    Jenkins Languages are python,java,PowerShell,Ruby.
    Jenkins Environmrnt Variables:
  • BUILD_NUMBER - The current build number.
  • BUILD_ID - The current build id.
  • JOB_NAME - Name of the project of this build.

    Jenkins git plugin gives central git activities to Jenkins projects. It can survey, get, checkout, branch, list, consolidation, tag, and push stores.

    Jenkins Parameters:A form boundary permits us to pass information into our Jenkins occupations. Utilizing construct boundaries, we can pass any information we need: git branch name, secret certifications, hostnames and ports, etc.

    Jenkins GitHub Webhook is utilized to set off the activity at whatever point Developers submit something into the archive. It can naturally accumulate or convey applications assuming there are no mistakes distinguished.

    jenkins use cases:Automation,Continuous Delivery,Continuous Deployment,Continuous Integration.
    jenkins vs terraform.
    Jenkins is a form the executives programming that is fundamentally utilized between the turn of events and QA groups.Terraform can deal with a larger part of the cloud framework.

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