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Lession - #1206 Junit Test Framework

What is test framework

A testing framework is a set of guidelines or rules utilized for creating and designing test cases. A framework is involved a mix of practices and devices(tools>
+- that are designed to assist QA experts with testing all the more proficiently.

Junit test framework

JUnit is a Java unit testing framework that is one of the best test regression for regression testing. An open-source framework, it is utilized to compose(write>
and run repeatable automated tests. Similarly as with whatever else, the JUnit testing framework has advanced over the time.

Features of Junit test framework

  • JUnit is an open source framework, which is used for writing and running tests.
  • Provides annotations to identify test methods.
  • Provides assertions for testing expected results.
  • Provides test runners for running tests.
  • JUnit tests allow you to write codes faster, which increases quality.