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Lession - #385 Kotlin Enivornment setup

Enivornment setup for command line

One of the critical highlights of Kotlin is that it has interoperability with Java for example You can compose Kotlin and Java code in a same application. Like Java, Kotlin likewise runs on JVM consequently to introduce Kotlin on Windows straightforwardly and work with it utilizing the order line You really want to ensure you have JDK installed in your system.

To check Java installation

Open command prompt and check the current version of Java utilizing the javac version command −
C:\Users\TP>javac -version

If jdk is not installed den install it.

  • Kotlin command line compiler is available at the JetBrains Kotlin GitHub releases page.
  • Download the most recent version.
  • Unzip the downloaded file and place it in the desired folder.
  • The Bin directory of the downloaded folder contains all the binary files to run Kotlin.
  • Now, set Path environment variable to this folder.
  • To check the installation, open command propmpt and type java or javac command, if your installation is successful you wil get version.

    Setting Kotlin environment using IntelliJ IDEA

  • Kotlin is developed by the JetBrains that develops IDEs like AppCode, CLion, DataGrip, DataSpell, GoLand, IntelliJ IDEA etc.
  • The IntelliJ IDEA internally have Kotlin plugin bundled with it. To develop Kotlin download and install IntelliJ.
  • To install a recent version of IntelliJ IDEA:
  • Open JetBrains Downloads page, you can download the free community edition.
  • Proceed with the installation by providing the required details and finally complete the installation.
  • The Plugins tab of IntelliJ displays all the available plugins. By default, Kotlin plugin is activated, in any case if it is not activated. Open the plugin tab, search for Kotlin and install it.

    Kotlin is a cross-platform programming language that may be used as an alternative to Java for Android App Development. Kotlin is much simpler for beginners to try as compared to Java and this Kotlin Android Tutorial can also be used as an ‘entry point’ for Android App Development.

    Kotlin Serialization is the process of converting data used by an application to a format that can be transferred over a network or stored in a database or a file.

    Kotlin vs Python
    Python is not suitable for writing small programs for end users but with Kotlin you can do so and get a better solution.