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Lession - #395 Kotlin Functions

What are functions in Kotlin?

A function is a block of code which only runs when it is called. You can pass data, known as parameters, into a function. Functions are utilized to perform out specific actions, and they are otherwise called methods.In Kotlin, a function which can accept a function as parameter or can return a function is called Higher-Order function.Kotlin Lambda expression is a simplified representation of a function.

How do I run a Kotlin function?

When your project is set up correctly, make sure that your main function is called "main" and has a parameter of type Array . Next to it a Kotlin "K" will appear, which you can click on to run your main function.

What is static function in Kotlin?
AndroidMobile DevelopmentApps/ApplicationsKotlin. In Java, "static" keyword is used for efficient memory management. Once a variable or method is declared as static, then the JVM will allocate memory for these variable only once.27-Oct-2021

Kotlin extension function provides a facility to "add" methods to class without inheriting a class or using any type of design pattern.

Let's see an example

fun myFunction(>
{ println("Hello all!">
} fun main(>
{ myFunction(>


Try it here

Kotline coroutines
Nonconcurrent or non-obstructing writing computer programs is a significant piece of the advancement scene. While making server-side, work area, or portable applications, it's critical to give an encounter that isn't just liquid according to the client's point of view, yet in addition versatile when required.Ktor is built from the ground up using Kotlin and Coroutines.
What is Kotlin flow? Flows are built on top of coroutines and can provide multiple values. A flow is conceptually a stream of data that can be computed asynchronously.

Kotlin takes care of this issue in an adaptable manner by giving coroutine support at the language level and assigning the greater part of the usefulness to libraries.
As well as making the ways for offbeat programming, coroutines additionally give an abundance of different conceivable outcomes, like simultaneousness and entertainers.

KotlinScoped functions are functions that execute a block of code within the context of an object. Kotlin “scope functions” are functions that allow for changing the scope, or the range, of a variable. There are five such functions included in the Kotlin standard library: apply, run, with, let, and also.A delay suspending function is simply a function that can be paused and resumed at a later time.

Instructions to begin
New to Kotlin? Investigate the Getting begun page.

  • Coroutines guide
  • Essentials
  • Channels
  • Coroutine setting and dispatchers
  • Shared alterable state and simultaneousness
  • Nonconcurrent stream

  • Kotlin Map is a connection point and nonexclusive assortment of components. Map interface holds information as key and worth pair. Map key are extraordinary and holds just a single incentive for each key.Kotlin 1.5.30 brings JavaScript source map generation for the Kotlin/JS IR backend. The key and esteem might be of various matches like ,, etc. This connection point is unchanging, fixed size and its techniques support read just access.

    Kotlin map example
        fun main(args: Array>
    { //declaring a map of integer to string val map = mapOf(1 to "Geeks", 2 to "for" , 3 to "Geeks">
    //printing the map println( map>

    To utilize the Map interface we want to utilize its capacity called mapOf(>
    or mapOf(>

    Kotlin rundown to plan is one of the highlights to advantageous the rundown information to plan utilizing the inherent technique like toMap(>
    which given a rundown of mind boggling articles will permit us to have the components in our planned rundown by utilizing any kind of values with the assistance of implicit strategy it expects us to change the Array into the Pairs afterwards it will move the information to the guide so this activity will be performed specific uses assuming we're as of now worked on the assortment of matches esteem executed utilizing the acquainted Api's.

    What is unit on Kotlin? The Unit type in Kotlin is the equivalent to the void type in Java. Or, if you prefer, is the result value of any statement (for example println(>

    What is inline work in Kotlin?
    Kotlin reduce Kotlin reduce is one of the default methods in the language used to transform or convert the given set of data collections into the single set output results.

    An inline work is pronounce with a watchword inline. The utilization of inline work upgrades the presentation of higher request work. The inline work advises the compiler to duplicate boundaries and capacities to the call site. The virtual capacity or nearby capacity can't be pronounced as inline.