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Kubernetes meaning/whats kubernetes?

Kubernetes, also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. It groups containers that make up an application into logical units for easy management and discovery. K3s is a lightweight Kubernetes distribution that Rancher k3s Labs, which is fully certified Kubernetes offering by CNCF.

How would I give security to Kubernetes?
How Might You Best Secure Your Kubernetes (K8s>

1. Empower Role-Based Access Control (RBAC>

2. Utilize Third-Party Authentication for API Server.
3. Safeguard ETCD with TLS and Firewall.
4. Separate Kubernetes Nodes.
5. Screen Network Traffic to Limit Communications.
6. Use Process Whitelisting.
7.Turn on Audit Logging.

Is Kubeflow part of Kubernetes?
Kubeflow is the open source machine learning toolkit on top of Kubernetes. Kubeflow translates steps in your data science workflow into Kubernetes jobs, providing the cloud-native interface for your ML libraries, frameworks, pipelines and notebooks. and minikube is local Kubernetes we can install for minikube windows, focusing on making it easy to learn and develop for Kubernetes.

What is GKE cluster?
Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE>
is an administration and organization framework for Docker container and container cluster that run inside Google's public cloud administrations. Google Kubernetes Engine depends on Kubernetes, Google's open source compartment the board framework.
How is google GKE priced?
The cluster management fee of $0.10 per cluster per hour

What is the distinction between AWS ECS and AWS EKS cluster or eks aws?
ECS is a versatile container arrangement stage that permits clients to run, stop, and oversee container in a group/cluster. EKS, provides an integrated console for Kubernetes eks clusters. then again, assists groups with building Kubernetes bunches on AWS without introducing Kubernetes on EC2 figure occurrences physically.
|What is K8s in AWS?
Kubernetes is open-source programming that permits you to convey and oversee containerized applications at scale.aws kubernetes pricing $0.10 per hour.

Is Kubernetes and Jenkins same?
Jenkins is a robotized programming testing instrument for your application. In examination, Kubernetes is a framework for computerizing sending, scaling, and the board. Amazon EKS Pricing 2022 - TrustRadius :Amazon EKS Pricing 2022 - TrustRadius

What is difference between MicroK8s and Kubernetes?
While Minikube usually spins up a local virtual machine (VM>
for the Kubernetes cluster, MicroK8s doesn't require a VM.

aks pricing : aks pricing

install minikube - install minikube

do 180 : do180

What is Keycloak in Kubernetes?
Keycloak is an open-source character and access the executives apparatus which make it simple to protect application and administrations with almost no code.