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Lession - #1216 Kubernetes VOLUME

What is volumes in Kubernetes?

A Kubernetes volume is a registry that contains information open to compartments in a given Pod in the arrangement and planning stage. Volumes give a module instrument to associate transient compartments with tireless information stores somewhere else.

Types of Volumes
Kubernetes supports several types of Volumes:
  • emptyDir
  • hostPath
  • gcePersistentDisk
  • awsElasticBlockStore
  • nfs
  • iscsi
  • flocker
  • glusterfs
  • rbd
  • cephfs
  • gitRepo
  • secret
  • persistentVolumeClaim
  • downwardAPI
  • azureFileVolume
  • azureDisk
  • vsphereVolume
  • Quobyte
  • PortworxVolume
  • ScaleIO

    What is Prometheus k8s?
    Prometheus is an open-source observing instrument that can assist you with checking your Kubernetes bunch.

    What is nutanix Karbon?
    Nutanix Karbon is an organized turnkey offering that gives improved provisioning and activities of Kubernetes groups. Kubernetes is an open source compartment arrangement framework for sending and overseeing holder based applications.

    What is Kubernetes K9s?
    K9s is a terminal based UI to associate with your Kubernetes bunches. The point of this undertaking is to make it more straightforward to explore, notice and deal with your sent applications in nature.

    Kubernetes NFS
    One of the most helpful sorts of volumes in Kubernetes is nfs . NFS represents Network File System - it's a common filesystem that can be gotten to over the organization. The NFS should as of now exist - Kubernetes doesn't run the NFS, cases in access it.

    install kubernetes centos 7 - install kubernetes centos 7

    Kubernetes (K8s>
    - Kubernetes (K8s>

    Kubernetes 101 Kubernetes 101

    install istio : install istio