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Lession - #412 Maven Plugins

The maven plugins are central part of maven framework, it is utilized to perform specific goal.

As per Apache Maven, there are 2 types of maven plugins.

  • Build Plugins
  • Reporting Plugins

    Build Plugins

    These modules are executed at the hour of assemble. These modules ought to be announced inside the component.

    Reporting Plugins

    These modules are executed at the hour of site generation. These modules should to be declared inside the component.

    List of plugins

    maven skip test

    To skip running the tests for a specific venture, set the skipTests property to valid. You can likewise skirt the tests through the order line by executing the accompanying order: mvn introduce - DskipTests.

    maven surefire plugin

    Maven sure fire plugin is utilized to follow the arrangement of tests in testng. xml record. On the off chance that we do exclude the Mavwen dependable module then it will execute all the testcases under src/test/java which has prefix or postfix as 'test' and these tests will get executed with practically no arrangement.

    maven repository selenium

    Maven is an apparatus which is utilized for building and overseeing Java Based Projects. Fundamentally to place it in straightforward words is a method for overseeing reliance for Java Based Project. Expert can be utilized while building project with POM (Page Object Model>
    while chipping away at huge undertakings.

    maven run command

    To build a Maven project through the order line, you utilize the mvn order from the order line. The order should be executed in the index which contains the important pom document. You pass the form life cycle, stage or objective as boundary to this order.