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Lession - #1394 MongoDB Overview

Mongodb Overview

MongoDB is a cross-stage, archive arranged information base that gives, elite execution, high accessibility, and simple adaptability. MongoDB chips away at idea of assortment and archive.


Information base is an actual holder for assortments. Every data set gets its own arrangement of records on the document framework. A solitary MongoDB server normally has numerous information bases.


Assortment is a gathering of MongoDB reports. It is what could be compared to a RDBMS table. An assortment exists inside a solitary information base. Assortments don't implement a diagram. Reports inside an assortment can have various fields. Regularly, all archives in an assortment are of comparative or related reason.


A report is a bunch of key-esteem matches. Reports have dynamic outline. Dynamic mapping implies that records in a similar assortment don't have to have similar arrangement of fields or design, and normal fields in an assortment's reports might hold various sorts of information.

The accompanying table shows the relationship of RDBMS phrasing with MongoDB.
Database Database
Table Collection
Tuple/Row Document
column Field
Table Join Embedded Documents
Primary Key Primary Key (Default key _id provided by MongoDB itself>