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Lession - #1337 SQL Full Join


Consider the two tables below:
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The result-set of FULL JOIN is created by combining the results of both LEFT JOIN and RIGHT JOIN. All of the rows from both tables will be included in the result-set. The result-set will contain NULL values for the rows for which there is no match.


SELECT table1.column1,table1.column2,table2.column1,....
FROM table1 
FULL JOIN table2
ON table1.matching_column = table2.matching_column;

table1: First table.
table2: Second table
matching_column: Column common to both the tables.

Note that instead of using RIGHT JOIN, we can use RIGHT OUTER JOIN.

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Example Queries(FULL JOIN>

SELECT Student.NAME,StudentCourse.COURSE_ID 
FROM Student
FULL JOIN StudentCourse 
ON StudentCourse.ROLL_NO = Student.ROLL_NO;


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