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Lession - #1542 Nagios Application

#### Application Monitoring With Nagios Nagios provides complete monitoring of applications and application state – including Windows applications, Linux applications, UNIX applications, and Web applications.    #### Benefits Implementing effective application monitoring with Nagios offers the following benefits    * Increased server, services, and application availability * Fast detection of network outages and protocol failures * Fast detection of failed services, processes and batch jobs    #### Nagios application monitoring tool is a health check & monitoring system for a typical Data Centre, comprises all type of equipment’s such as * Server & Network Nodes * application monitoring from a single console * application Monitoring with transaction- level insights * Monitor Middleware & Messaging Components * Customizable Reports and Dashboards * UPS Backup System * Bio-Metric Identification System * Temperature & Humidity Control System( Sensing Mechanism>
* CCTV/ NVR System * Storage Subsystem( NAS&SAN>