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Lession - #1539 Nagios Features

**Powerful Web interface** very powerful graphical interface allows customizzzare layout, scheme and preferences for each user, furnishing IT staff the flexibility they seek. The use of AJAX technology allows real- time updating of the state of the structure elements covered.   **Charts** for performance analysis and planning The integration of automatic graphs for trend analysis and planning enables companies to plan the infrastructure update before the systems become obsolete. The graphs are created automatically when you configure Nagios XI to cover a new element. The use of RRD technology for the realization of graphics allows an optimal use of storage where the data is stored.   **Dashboards** A complete dashboards provides a significant glance to all the information provided by monitoring and third- party data. Using Dashlets allow users to customize their dashborad with all the data they suppose useful.   **Views** Provide users with fast access to information they find most useful. The ability to configure cyclical views give IT staff can access critical information at a glance.   **Configuration** via Web GUI Via a web- based configuration, administrators have the ability to grant simply to other IT staff members complete control of monitoring, or Sun configurations, or system settings and further.   **Advanced Configuration Management** With the adoption of an advanced web interface Nagios Core allows directors complete control over the whole of the monitoring configuration. Thanks to the import features you can migrate configuration files from Nagios Core Nagios XI.   **Advanced user management** Simplifies management of Nagios XI system, simply by configuring users. Add a new user is a very simple process, takes only a many clicks and new users will receive an email with your login credentials.   **Custom notifications** Users can manage which types of notifications to receive as receive them and the type of information it contains.   **Non-Stop Operations** Protection against failure of the monitoring system caused by configuration errors or user errors. The introduction of the new Nonstop Operations Manager ensures durability of service24/7   **Modular architecture** Nagios XI is achieved using proven open source components, to meet all requirements of the company. Hundreds of add- ons and scripts developed by the comunity of developers, allows you to extend the core functionality of Nagios XI. The modular design allows for easy customization of the solution.   **Database Backend** Using an integrated database, and the introduction of API, you can access the monitoring data. Strategies for integrated authentication to protect sensitive data, keeping them safe from unauthorized access and enable organizations to develop their own front- end to display the monitoring data. ```plaintext