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Lession - #1549 Nagios V-Shell

V- Shell is a lightweight web interface to Nagios Core written in PHP. It's easy to install and use and it's an alternative to Nagios output. The frontend of VShell is on AngularJs, hence the design is responsive and modern. It provides Quicksearch functionality and RESTful API powered by CodeIgniter. Nagios VShell is compatible with Nagios XI and Nagios Core3.x. It requires php5.3 or higher, php- cli and apache installed in the system. Let us see how to install Nagios VShell.   #### Step 1 − Go to tmp directory and download the vshell tar file.   ```plaintext cd/ tmp wget http//assets.nagios.com/downloads/exchange/nagiosvshell/vshell.tar.gz tar file ```   #### Step 2 − Extract the tar file.    ```plaintext tar zxfvshell.tar.gz ```   #### Step 3 − Go to vshell directory and give executable permission toinstall.php file. Eventually, run the install script.    ```plaintext cd vshell chmod xinstall.php /install.php install script ```   #### Step 4 − Now go to https// vshell in your cybersurfer, login with nagiosadmin and your Vshell will appear. ```plaintext