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Lession - #705 Pandas Read JSON


Read json string files in pandas read_json(>
. You can do this for URLS, records, packed records and whatever's in json design. Here, you will figure out how to do that with Python. First load the json information with Pandas read_json strategy, then, at that point, it's stacked into a Pandas DataFrame.

How would you read a JSON document as a DataFrame in Python?
To read the documents, we use read_json(>
work and through it, we pass the way to the JSON record we need to peruse. When that's what we do, it returns a "DataFrame"( A table of lines and segments>
that stores information.

Load the JSON file into a DataFrame:

import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_json('data.json'>

JSON = Python Dictionary
JSON objects have the same format as Python dictionaries.

If your JSON code is not in a file, but in a Python Dictionary, you can load it into a DataFrame directly:

import pandas as pd

data = {

df = pd.DataFrame(data>

What is requests get in Python?
The GET method is used to access data for a specific resource from a REST API;